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Click here to read Antony's speech in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar
translated by Peter Reep
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An Urgent Appeal
Urgently Needed: A Basic Chrestomathy
The Folkspraak Institute needs your help!
In order to begin work on a projected FSp chrestomathy, an augmented wordstock is urgently needed.
The FSp vocabulary built to date is insufficiently broad to begin the building of a literature.
It is felt that if - in addition to the already existing words - FSp words were created for each of the 850 words in Ogden's "Basic English" list, work on a chrestomathy could begin in earnest.
Please click below to access the listing of Ogden's "Basic English" wordstock and to help devise needed words.  As you can see, some have already been completed (these are only suggestions subject to correction and amendment by the Folkspraakskommunitie.

Many thanks for your kindness and interest!

Bill Courson
Der Folkspraakinstitut (The Folkspraak Institute), is dedicated to the development and  popularization of the Folkspraak language.  If that dedication is to be rewarded, it is essential that a wide selection of 'specimen' writings in the language be made available to interested persons, that a "feel" of the language's texture might be easily had.

A major aim of the Folkspraak Institute is  the creation of an o
nline Chrestomathy consisting of translations of widely known essays, poetry, musical lyrics, prayers, and so on to promote the language's use and growth.  This will precede the Institute's soliciting of original works in the language.

Persons who wish to contribute a translation to this website will have their work linked to this page and grateful acknowledgment publicly given to their efforts.

If you have a piece in mind to translate into Folkspraak or if you would like a suggestion for one, please e-mail the Institute.